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About Us

We register in the end of 2010, when was accepted protected name of kennel Atonika. In blood line we continue from kennel Z Gilanu from which we fork after 5 years.

Name of kennel rise as memento for dogs, which accompanied our family: Aton Alpazur (Tonda), Ike Hronovský Pramen (Ajinek), Hanka ze Zaťáku (Vrtiš), and accompanies us now: Niké z Gilanu and Karuma z Gilanu. There no space left for Freya z Gilanu.

We are working to breed work-usable, exterior led German shepherds german-austrian type with french bloodline with balanced, friendly non-conflict character and strong defence instict.

For breed we use excellent individual dogs with premier class and second and third stage trials with strong defence, negative hips, with bloodlines to world champions (from the most part it was excellent sires from kennel Hartis Bohemia).

Founder of family was wolf-gray Nike Z Gilanu.

Nike's father was also wolf-gray Sammo vom Haus Dexel, son of Hosse v.Larchenhain (VA1-CH) and Finte v. Hawelkaweg (VA AUT). Sammo is grandson of wolf-gray Timmo v.Berrekasten (VA 2).

Nike's mother was Zaira z Gilanu (V), black-yellow daughter of Valk Mikor (V), son of Odin Tannenmeise (VA6).

Nike has first class of breed forever, she has always been excellent and she passed 4 test of performance. To daughters she passed strong defence instinct, balanced, friendly and non-conflict character.

The Nike's right sister Nylla has continued in the kennel CHS Z Gilanu.

Nike under banner of kennel Z Gilanu gave already 4 litters. Fathers of puppies were:

  1. Kirr Hartis (VA3-CZ), father of Freya - french father Maik del Gobbo (V13-FR), son of Jeck Noricum (VA)
  2. Dago Hartis (V) - line of Esko Danichen Hof (VA3) -> Jeck Noricum; Dago is father of Nike's daughters Chaira and Charge that still serving in kennel Z Gilanu.
  3. Brix Hartis Bohemia (VA, Club winner CZ), father of Karuma - from line of Ghandi Arlett (VA 7)
  4. Orest od Hradu Drahotuch (V) - on Moravia working son of Pakros d'Ulmental (VA1, world champion)

Stud dogs were selected with regard to blood lead Nike and given character and ancestors exterior with high places on world championship.

To next breed in kennel Atonika we prefer wolf-gray variety, black-yellow individuals rest still under kennel Z Gilanu and other kennels.

In kennel we strive to improve exterior of wolf-grey variety of German shepherd, while maintaining their quality of work abilities. This was successful yet because Nike has always been about 40-50% of wolf-gray puppies (Timmo genes for gray color is also enfocered in 4th and 5th generation). We hope that daughters of Nike continue successfully in this trend. To breed have been formed Freya z Gilanu (cz-breed-5JU/1p 1st class), Chaira (cz-breed-5JX1/N 1st class) and Charge (cz-breed-5CV1/P 1st class). Karuma passed into breed in year 2011.

Miroslava Plšková, Za Střelnicí 20, 182 00 Praha 8, +420 602 403 647,